European Hostel Itinerary

I spent several hours checking out the variety of hostels on Hostel World and I’ve finally narrowed down a handful that I’m keen on staying at during my time in Europe. As my travel plans are very flexible, it’s possible that the dates and destinations may shift slightly.

Because this will be my first time travelling solo, I have chosen to sleep in female dorms; until I grasp the idea of sleeping in the same room with complete strangers, female dorms will be my go-to. The Mosquito Hostel in Kraków being an exception as this particular hostel didn’t have any female dorms. The following hostels are centrally located, have common rooms, free WiFi and internet accessibility and have been recommended by Hostel World, whist being backed up with some of the best customer reviews.

The Hostels –

Prague1 Week [Nov 21st – Nov 28th] Charles Bridge Economic Hostel (7 Bed Dorm $174.00)

Kraków1 Week [Nov 29th – Dec 6th] Mosquito Hostel (6 Bed Mixed Dorm $151.00)

Budapest1 Week [Dec 7th – Dec 14th] Wombats City Hostel (6 Bed Dorm $126.00)

Vienna3 Days [Dec 14th – Dec 17th] Wombats City Hostel Naschmarkt (6 Bed Dorm $73.00)

Salzburg3 Days [Dec 17th – Dec 20th] Meininger Salzburg City (6 Bed Dorm $126.00)

Munich6 Days [Dec 20th – Dec 26th] Wombats City Hostel (6 Bed Dorm $205.00)

Berlin1 Week [Dec 26th – Jan 2nd] Generator Berlin Mitte (6 Bed Dorm $303.00)

Berlin ~ 1 Week [Jan 2nd – Jan 10th] The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel (6 Bed Dorm $194.00)

London5 Days [Jan 10th – Jan 15th] The Walrus Hostel (4 Bed Dorm $253.00)

{9 Hostels ~ 8 Cities ~ 2 Months ~ Total Spent on Hostels $1,605}


European Destinations 2014

  1. Sydney to Prague (20th Nov – 21st Nov) ($1370/21hrs)
  2. Prague (21st Nov – 28th Nov) – Overnight train – First-class sleeper to Kraków ($123/8hrs)
  3. Kraków (29th Nov – 6th Dec) – Train to Budapest ($151/12hrs)
  4. Budapest (7th Dec – 14 Dec) – Train to Vienna ($110/3hrs)
  5. Vienna (14th Dec – 17th Dec) – Train to Salzburg ($70/2.5hrs)
  6. Salzburg (17th Dec – 20th Dec) – Train to Munich ($52/1.5-2hrs)
  7. Munich (20th Dec – 26th Dec) – Train to Berlin ($153/6hrs)
  8. Berlin (26th Dec – 10th Jan) – Plane to London ($73/2hrs)
  9. London (10th Jan – 15th Jan) – Train to Shropshire ($20/2.5hrs)
  10. Shropshire (15th – 18th Jan) – Train to London ($20/2.5hrs)
  11. London to Sydney (18th Jan – 19th Jan) ($1300/23hrs)

~ 38 hours + $699.00 spent on the tracks ~ 46 hours + $2,743 spent in the air ~