Hey there.

So here goes trying to explain a little bit about myself. I never like this part because I rarely know what to write without making it sound boring, cheesy or comical.

I’m a 27-year-old from a inner-city suburb in Sydney. Initially I began blogging because I found it therapeutic; I didn’t have a goal in mind, all I needed was to transfer my thoughts into words that I could easily see, interpret and try to make a little sense of.

My first intentions were to write about social, political and environmental issues – how they affected me and others, and also what they meant to me, hence: The Grumpy Tart.

Although, in saying that, I didn’t want my blog to be restricted by these subjects, as my interests also include architecture, interior design, art, astronomy, philosophy, technology, travel, culture, music and good beer.

I’ll be travelling solo for the first time to Europe this November, it’ll be a thrilling, eye-opening and freezing journey for me. I have never seen snow, so you can imagine how excited I feel!

I aim to blog about all of these things and share with you some of my experiences along the way.

Stay tuned… ;)